Is very open minded and frequently wears clothing of high exposure. But becomes very conservative when it comes to dating,

Background Story

Born in India, she was abandoned and left alone in the ghetto. There, she grew up at an orphanage. Even during her teenage years, she was unable to get the necessary education and lived her early years helping out the orphanage she stayed in.

One day, a mid-30’s male stranger from America visits the orphanage claiming that he came to help out. His name was Phil.

He taught the children with the education that they weren’t able to receive. Tanya, embarrassed and ashamed of herself that she could not read nor write although she was more than 10 years old, avoided Phil at first, but later with Phil’s persistent persuasion she started learning from him in the end.

Phil was extremely surprised at Tanya, as she was able to finish the whole elementary school’s curriculum in 3 months’ time.

While Tanya began studying her personality became much brighter and Phil was really proud of her, and loved her. Although Phil was a single man he decides to become her father-in law and adopts her as his own daughter. After a year of his voluntary work, he returns to America with his daughter Tanya.

There, her American life began. She went to school like the other kids and went to high school, enjoying the open space and culture. Of course, she didn’t forget to study, hard.

However, her happy days did not last long, as Kain spread the war and her dreams were destroyed. She broke up with her friends, and had to refuge from the war.

2 years have passed, struggling and escaping in the wild where even phone signals didn’t reach, they landed at the R.E.A.P station. Phil was able to find employment here, and Tanya with much effort to persuade her Father, she becomes a member of the GODDESS KISS member.

"Why aren't you falling for me?

Tactics (Arena)

Using Tanya

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Countering Tanya

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