"It feels weird to be treated as normal here since people treated me like a monster."
Rose Ludlum is the recruitable boss character of the Neozealand area. She pilots the Wild Rose.


Rose Bikini

Rose in her "Photographer of Love" costume.

Loves nature; gentle and polite to everyone

Background Story

Born in a rural area of New Zealand, Rose has been close to nature since birth. She has grown to be an innocent child who loves nature.

As she turns fourteen, Rose suddenly catches the flu, and no medication would cure her. After suffering from a high fever for a week, she miraculously recovers. Moreover, she gains an extraordinary ability to cure animals or people just by gently touching them. Rose now dreams of saving lives with her curative power.

Sadly, the world is not so grateful for her ability. People would slander her, calling her the child of devil. Others want to exploit her and run experiments on her power. Unable to adapt to the sudden changes of her life, Rose leaves her home to live in a remote area surrounded by mountains. There are no people there, but Rose is comforted by her animal friends.

Unfortunately, Rose’s new home and her happiness is raided by the Empire. The Empire Army captures Rose, injects her with Obedience, and appoints her as one of the commanders to fight against R.E.A.P.

GODDESS KISS frees her from the Empire and the effect of Obedience, but her curative ability does not fully recover. She nevertheless decides to fight for nature and enlist in GODDESS KISS. In her free time, Rose enjoys gardening and occasionally gifts pretty flowers to other members of the squad. She also enjoys reading books about nature. Jenny Rief who has similar hobby is her best friend. 

" Nature Loves All! "


Wild Rose Skills
Name Description Effect Icon
Aimed Shot Attacks single enemy with Mini Gun. 100% ATK Damage.

+0-6468 Bonus Damage.

Aimed Shot Icon
Grace of Recovery Repairs Ally Unit with lowest HP. Heals 300% ATK damage.

+0-6468 Heal Bonus.

Grace Of Recovery
Cadence Increase all Ally Unit's Skill Gauge when HP is below 30%. Skill Gauge is increased.

+1000-3037 Skill Gauge Increased.

Cadence Icon
Show of Attraction Decrease single Enemy Unit's ATK. ATK is decreased (3 Turns).

+1-36.6% ATK Decreased.

Show of Attraction Icon-1-

*Specific damage numbers may change.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Rose

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Countering Rose

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