Renee Arc is one of the Four Horsemen Pilots.

She is an Attack Type Pilot, and uses the Roter Rider Mech.


Honest, bright, cheerful; easy-going; popular to both men and women; sociable to both genders; some consider her a guy; good at actively engaging in leading people

Background Story

As a joyful French country girl in a small town, Renee is loved by everyone in the town. Everyone has to love her when they see her cheerful smile, until the outbreak of the war.

The war takes many things away from Renee:her family, friends, neighbors and town. Everything tunrs into ashes, and the town is demolished completely.

However Renee does not break down. Instead she holds a gun in her hand. She does not wish to seek revenge. She just wants to restore the world before the Empire.

Renee travels around France to gather people who have suffered from the Empire and fight back. Unfortunately, their collective power is not enough to stand against the Empire that owns advanced military technology and power.

Renee request reinforcement to the Allied Forces, and they promise to send troops under one condition.

On the day of the Allied Forces' specialoperation against the Empire, Renee's troops must lead on the front line. As soon as the battle starts, the Allied Forces will support from behind.

However, soon after the battle starts, Renee realizes that they were deceived by the Allied Forces. The reinforcement never appears, so Renee's troops have to retreat. After all they are used as bait and all troops are either killed or captured from the battle. Renee too ends up getting captured by the Empire.

Then out of nowhere some troops launch a massive assault against the Empire. The new force is named Re.society, and its size is considered second to the largest after the Allied Forces.

Thanks to them, Renee and her troops escape from the Empire.

Afterwards Renee joins Re.Society as she believe that their goal to save the world fits in with her ideal.

" Would you save the world with me? "

Tactics (Arena)

Using Renee

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Countering Renee

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Renee Arc (SW)