Amiable, sociable; straightforward

Background Story

The ostensible position Rachel holds at R.E.A.P is the chief secretary of the president of R.E.A.P, Jay Van. However, as Mr. Ban dislikes his work being shared, Rachel does not actually assist the secretarial work.

Rachel mainly takes care of various matters related to Goddess Kiss such as managing supplies and movement route. She is also in charge of counselling the members of Goddess Kiss including the commander.

Other than her nationality being the US, Rachel’s background is in veil. Mysteriously, her exact age differs in a number of documents. She recuses herself from the conversations related to age.

She has mysterious history regarding work experience. Her words vary whenever she is asked of her career, ranging from FBI, CIA, MI6 and Mossad.

Recently, Rachel seems to be into an independent investigation on rebellious movement.

Rachel has special interest in Goth Lolita fashion, but hasn’t yet started trying them on particularly.

“I’d like to be someone you can rely on, Commander"


Name Description Effect Icon
Guided Smart Bomb Bombards a single enemy. 100% of basic attack damage.
Reckless Rush Jumps into the enemy lines and attacks the enemies. 467% of basic attack damage.
Iron Defense DEF is increased when the battle begins. DEF is increased until the battle ends
Retaliation When attacked. it charges into enemy line and pushes back the enemies with its shield. 150% of basic attack damage and there is 30% chance of the target being stunned for 1 Turn.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Rachel

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Countering Rachel

The Metal Knight is a strong defense unit that protects the team with its shield.

  • The Metal Knight can stun units with its Retaliation.  Avoid putting your attack units in a position where they can get hit by it.
  • The Metal Knight can deal massive damage to a unit with Reckless Rush.  Be sure to heal up once every often.
  • Bring units that can reduce defense or boost attack power.  Iron Defense makes the Metal Knight sturdier and harder to destroy.


Rachel&#039;s Q-Pink Idol Costume