Q is the recruitable Boss of the D Metal City Area (Area 10). She is an Attack Type Pilot, and uses the Spider Q Mech.


Optimistic; full of emotion but tries hard not to reveal her personality

Background Story

Q was born on Planet Kemisol, which is 5 billion light years away from Earth. As a member of the Space Guardian, Q has been chasing the trace of the space pirate crew “Corset,” when she gets absorbed by a wormhole and ends up on Earth.

Q runs into trouble when both the Empire and the Corset try to trap her, but luckily, GODDESS KISS squad saves her. Realizing that Corset is using “Innocent” to plot something evil, Q enlists in GODDESS KISS to stop Corset as well as the Empire.

In the squad, Q with her full effort tries to disguise her origin. Nevertheless, all members of GODDESS KISS have figured it out already, although they feign ignorance. In her free time, Q likes to investigate Earth. She especially loves eating all kinds of new cuisines regardless of their origin.

"How did you know I was from another planet? My.. My camouflage was perfect!! "


Spider-Q's Skills
Skills Description Effects Icon
Q-Laser Attacks single enemy with single laser 100% Attack damage.
Q-Blade Attacks target and enemies behind with Laser 190% ATK damage. Lowers Enemy Accuracy by 20% (2 Turns)
Q-Barrier Increases own Defense when HP is below 30% Defense is increased (3 turns)
Evade Move Increases own evade chance when battle begins. Increases own Luck (5 turns)

Tactics (Arena)

Using Q

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Countering Q

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Boss Fight Tips

  • It's recommended to bring powerful attack units that attack 3 units side by side and that can pierce through enemy lines, as they can destroy units fast for all 3 waves.
  • Have an AOE healing support unit in your team. It's especially important when reaching Wave 3.
  • Use units that stun and silence units. They can help in delaying Q-Blades on Wave 3


Q&#039;s Cosmo Girls Idol Costume