Talkative tomboy, not interested in dressing up

Background Story

Nicole is known as the best fighting gamer in the world, already winning the fighting game contest three times during elementary school. Moreover, Nicole is also a gifted talker who can live-broadcast the games and convey precise information to the viewers.

Many global game teams have reached Nicole to scout her, but Nicole’s parents have insisted that Nicole finish at least junior high school and then start her professional gamer career. Nicole agrees to wait a couple more years.

Unfortunately, the world does not let Nicole achieve her dream. Nicole and her family are abducted by the Empire and forced to labor under its command. GODESS KISS pulls her out of the effect of Obedience, and Nicole enlists in GODDESS KISS to save the world and achieve her dream afterwards.

Currently, Nicole undertakes situation report and sometimes fights along with the Squad. Being raised among mostly male gamer friends, she talks like a man. She has become a close friend with the game developer Blaze Foster, and they test their games from time to time.

"How about a round of fighting game?"

Tactics (Arena)

Using Nicole

Despite being the only support unit that does not heal units, being less viable to use for most players, the Seeker is useful for when evasion and accuracy is necessary for the fight.

  • The Seeker's Tracking The Target and Marked For Death can help in minimizing the amount of shots missing. This is useful especially when she's with a strong attack team.
  • The Detect Enemy Attack can help your team survive the onslaught of powerful attacks when you're out-damaged.

Countering Nicole

As a reconnaissance unit, the Seeker reduces the foe's evasion and increases team accuracy.

  • Focus on attacking other units, especially the those that have a powerful AoE attack. The Seeker is not as dangerous as the ones she's with.
  • Use units that have skills that reduce accuracy. The chances missing their targets is reduced as long as they that upper hand with the accuracy buff.
  • Boost the team's own accuracy and evade. The Seeker will have enemy units on her sights with teammates while they're on the run from enemy attacks.