Natalie Myskina is an Attack-Type Pilot who uses the Thrud Mech, a unique Mech that only ever targets the enemy with the highest HP % left.

She can be obtained through the Premium Treasure.


In contrast to her cold look, is cute and honest; shy and formal to unacquainted people, yet charming to people around her.

Background Story

Due to her mature appearance, she has been receiving sexual peaks from men since at a young age. Always being mistaken for an adult, she has built a complex about her appearance.

One day her high school is invaded by the Empire Army, and the special forces Valkyria saves her.

Affected by the brave members of the special forces, she dreams of becoming one of them. She applies to Valkyria afterwards and joins the forces with her talents for controlling unit as a pilot.

After being dispatched to Goddess Kiss, she is delighted by the fact that there are many "olders sisters."

She has a good feeling toward the Commander who has been the first man to treat her like a girl of her age, and not as a mature adult.

" Commander, I don't look like a girl, do I? "

Tactics (Arena)

Using Natalie

Natalie runs into slight difficulty as an Arena Unit thanks to her Mech's specific attack pattern - as she only attacks the enemy with the highest HP %, she won't often attack the same Unit twice and is therefore somewhat tricky to use properly in the Arena. On the other hand, she can also get early hits on Units hidden behind tanks, and can still be considered a decent Arena Unit because of this.

Countering Natalie

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Natalie&#039;s Valkyrie Eight Idol Costume