"Do you want to win? Then just put me on the lead."
Min You-hyun is the pilot of the Black Sniper. Her medals can be bought at the Death Match shop.


Cold and Rough; known as “the ghost drill instructor”; nevertheless loves cute things and collects girlish clothes.

Background Story

You-young is from a military family: her father, Young-han, has served as the supreme commander of the East Asian branch of the International Allied Force. Consequently, You-young is accustomed to army life.

Young-han has always wanted both of his daughters to grow as professional soldiers. You-young has been exhibiting a great talent for shooting, sweeping all the trophies of the shooting tournaments from a very early age. However, she does not want to become a servicewoman. She nevertheless enters the Officer Academy, so that her father would not force her twin sister, You-hyun, to take the same path.

Despite her self-giving motive, You-young’s entrance to the Officer Academy inflicts conflict between the twins; You-hyun has always wished to be a professional soldier to become her father’s successor, and her sister’s entrance to the Officer Academy with top grades would not help achieve that dream. The Min sister’s relationship worsens, and You-young decides to forget about her sister and focus on her own busy life at the academy.

The world war erupts right after her graduation, and You-young displays excellence in warfare. Korean Army Headquarters, however, overestimates her ability and sends her on a mission that seems almost impossible: to destroy the Empire’s main warehouse. Captured and losing her left eye in the process, You-young becomes brainwashed by Obedience to become the Empire’s one of the deadliest commander of the recon patrol.

Few years later, GODDESS KISS defeats You-young and frees her from the Empire, and You-young immediately enlists in GODDESS KISS to serve as a drill instructor. Occasionally, she joins the battlefield at the call of her commander.


Name Description Effect Icon
Precision Shooting Attacks single enemy with Sniper Rifle 100% ATK Damage.
Death Choke Attacks the lowest HP Enemy Unit with Sniper Rifle 400% ATK damage(Has 30% higher chance to become CRIT chance) and 50% Chance to stun target(1 turn)
Wide Vision Increases own ACCUR when HP is below 50% Increase own ACCUR (4 Turns) and Increase own LUCK by 50%(4 Turns)
Confirm Weak Point Increase own CRIT DMG when battle begins CRIT DMG is increased until battle ends


Using You-young

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Countering You-young

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