"Wow! Then I better fight harder to crush the Empire Army even faster!"
Mihn is the recruitable Boss character of the Jangalla Area. She pilots the Miss Driller.


There is no sense of honesty in talking about your feelings. I think it's a hot personality, The troops are just feeling wacky.

Background story

Mihn was the only person who had to help with the farming after school day after day. Then one day she radioed on the radio The Korean idol is shocked to hear the song. Although the lyrics were unknown, the song had something to ring in the chest.

Since then, Mihn has been singing dancing and singing, I started studying desperately to study Korean, Finally, he passed the international idol audition hosted by a large Korean agency.

But the happiness of the people was there. Cain started the war and the whole world was surrounded by the flame of the phone.

Mihn, who could not forgive the empire that spoiled his dream and invaded his homeland I became a guerrilla and fought hard with the empire. But the power of the empire was so powerful.

The guerrilla forces that belonged to it were annihilated Mihn is captured by the Empire and brainwashed by Ovidian. And the Imperial Army appointed a brainwashed man as a mechanized unit unit pilot, As a commander of the goddess kissing demolition operation, we put it into operation.

After liberation from Ovidian by the main character at the end of the battle, Join the goddess kiss and start fighting again with the empire. There is only one reason for Mihn to fight the empire. I want to be an idol again after the war is over soon.

I want to perform the concert with Leela's idol like Nela recently. I am swarming the headquarters. But I can not waste too much of my power. The situation is being rejected.


Name Description Effect Icon
Drill Spear Attacks target and enemies behind with Drill. 70% ATK Damage.
Spiral Breaker Moves under-ground and ambush target from behind. 270% ATK Damage.
Drill Diving Leap attacks on Enemy. 200% ATK Damage.

20% Chance to Stun.

(2 Turns)

Tremble Increase own ATK when battle begins. ATK is increased.

(4 Turns)

Tactics (Arena)

Using Mihn

  • Take advantage of her Spiral Breaker since her skill gauge fills up easily.

Countering Mihn

Miss Driller may not be as popular as other units in seen in the arena, but she can annihilate nearly anyone with her spinning drills.  

  • Avoid lining units front and back.  Her basic attack can pierce through lines of units.
  • Be sure to have a strong tank that will survive her Spiral Drill.  Her special attack usually destroys 1 unit in 1 shot. If it's not possible, eliminate her ASAP.
  • Have stuns or silences available, especially at the start of the match.  
  • Use Defense Buffs.  Miss Driller is very dangerous within the first 4 turns of the match due to her "Tremble" attack buff.


Screenshot 2017-07-31-18-09-41

Mihn's unit, the mighty Miss Driller.

Mihn's Cosmo Girls Idol Costume