"I want to get an old collectible rifle. Yeah... M4A1. I want that so bad!"
Marina Garcia is the of pilot the Fortress. Her medals can be bought from the Boss Raid shop.


military maniac; usually calm but easily excited during a conversation on a military-related subject 

Background Story

Marina has famously been a military maniac ever since very young age. In grade school, she memorizes all the firearms, tanks and weapons. In junior high school, she can recap all the major historical books on war strategy. In high school, she presents a thesis on war history that wins her fame.

Due to Marina’s distinguished hobby, her peer friends often make fun of her. She definitely understands that the process and outcome of war is devastating and should never erupt, but she nevertheless enjoys reading in-depth research of everything related to military. Marina’s dream is to become a librarian of the War Memorial, so she could read all the valuable history books on warfare. 

However, Marina is too poor to enter college, so she applies to Officer Academy where its graduates are rarely granted the offer to become librarian of the War Memorial.

Unfortunately, Marina’s dream is held off for indefinite time with the eruption of the world war. Upon graduation, Marina is commissioned as a firearm

"Shall we spend this night having a fine discussion on the World War?”


Name Description Effect Icon
Frontal Bombardment Attack target and enemies to both left and right with Cannon. 100% ATK Damage.
Frontal Bombardment Icon
Drone Attack Attack All Enemy Unit's with Seeking Drone Bomb. 110% ATK Damage.
Screenshot 2017-09-11-21-53-13-1-
Deploy Shield Generates protective energy shield to All Ally Unit's when battle begins. Generates Damage Absorbing Shield.
Deploy Shield Icon
Prepare Defense Increase All Ally Unit's DEF when HP is below 50%. Ally's DEF is increased. (3 Turns)
Prepare Defense Icon

Tactics (Arena)

Using Marina

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Countering Marina

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