Mad Dog
Name Description Effect Icon
Hunt Game Throws a fierceful battle axe and attacks single enemy. 100% ATK Damage
Hunt Game
Blood Instinct Dash into enemy lines and attacks all enemies. 300% (Edit : 100% to 300%) ATK Damage and 100% Chance to provoke targets (1 Turns), 100% Chance to reduce ATK by -30% (1 Turns) and Generates a 30% damage-reduction shield (1 turns)
Blood Instinct
Power Overwhelming Increase all ally's ability when battle begins. Increase all ally's DEF (5 Turns) and Increase own ATK by 20% (5 Turns)
Tide Of War Battle Cry that increases fighting spirit of all allies. Heals all allies with 50% ATK and Increase their ATK by 20% (3 Turns)


Swimsuit Alice

Alice ss
  • Costume bonus:

ATK 150

DEF 50

CRIT R 10%