A perfectionist in everything; despises unplanned or accidental events; Warning: Kate turns irritated when her mission or goal does not meet her standard.

Background Story

Formerly as a special agent of R.E.A.P Headquarters, Kate was an infantry platoon leader. During an operation, she lost all sodiers of her platoon and survived alone. Kate was traumatized by this tragic incident and even considered discharging from the service

However, she would think herself out of it by considering her continuation of the service as a repayment to the passed away soldiers under her command. As she feels that she has fully recovered physically, she returns to the army, but her spirit has not yet been restored from the trauma.

Upon her return Kate is commissioned as a platoon leader on the front line, but she experiences nightmares and insomnia. Unable to endure her mental pain she voluntarily retires from the position, and requests to be deployed to the front line.

The R.E.A.P Headquarters grants her request, valuing her ability to survive from the most dangerous battles, and commissions her as a spy under the direct command of the Headquarters.

As a special agent, Kate infiltrates into the Empire and covneys classified information to the Headquarters. Many operations based on the information that Kate sends succeed, and the inflicted damages are minimized.

Although she brings many victories to R.E.A.P, she still hasn't been cured from the trauma, having nightmares and suffering from insomnia.

One day, she is captured by the Empire after making a small mistake due to her mental suffering. The Empire chooses to hire her as a double agent and deceive R.E.A.P.

Their plot is demolished by Goddess Kiss, and the Commander saves Kate from brainwashing. Afterwards, Kate joins Goddess Kiss to overcome her trauma.

" I succeed in any kinds of missions. I'm a professional! "

Tactics (Arena)

Using Kate

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Countering Kate

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