"You can ask me about controlling the mechanical units."
Karen Vergarais the recruitable boss character of the High Land Area. She pilots the Banshee.


Of high self-confidence; positive; enjoys wearing revealing clothing

Background Story

Born in a small village in Columbia, Karen enjoys helping her father the owner of a motorbike shop with his work. In her early teen years, the long-time regular customers start teaching Karen about bike riding. To their surprise, Karen quickly masters everything they teach. Then, they start teaching her advanced technique, which Karen absorbs shortly. Karen realizes that she dreams of becoming the world’s best racer.

Time passes by and Karen acquires license, and she continuously practices racing with her father’s customers. At the age of 16, Karen wins the second place at the national bike racing tournament and then the championship title next year at the world’s racing tournament. She places first on the next three consecutive world tournaments as well and quickly wins the worldwide fame among bike fans.

During her European tour, the World War erupts and Karen is unable to return home. Seeking refuge at R.E.A.P., Karen decides to enlist in the army to fight with the Empire Army.

In the army, she takes part in numerous operations and contribute to their success. On one of them, however, the Empire Army traps, captures, and brainwashes her. Not after long, Goddess Kiss frees her from the brainwashing chemical, and Karen joins Goddess Kiss with her steering talent to continue engaging in battles against the Empire.

"Hey, pay attention to my sophisticated steering!”


Skills Description Effects Icon
Fierce Shooting Attacks single enemy with Machine Gun
  • 100% Attack Damage
White Ghost Attacks all enemies with Heat Bomb
  • 220% Attack Damage.
  • 5% Skill Damage Over Time.
Serial Explosion Attacks Target and enemies behind with Chain Bomb
  • 350% Attack Damage
Evade Move Increase own Evade when battle begins.
  • Luck is increased until battle ends.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Karen

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Countering Karen

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Karen&#039;s Cosmo Girls Costume