"It's important to keeping guns clean, even when resting."
Jenny Rief is the recruitable Boss character of the Cave Town area. She Pilots the Rocket Raccoon.


She is very diligent and likes animals and children. It looks a little cold on the outside In fact, it is the owner of a heart that is easy to be hurt even by a small word.

Background story

Born with white skin and hair color due to congenital albino syndrome, Jenny Because of its appearance, I got a lot of teasing and discrimination from around, regardless of the white black people.

Her parents, who were less well, sent Jenny to a remote zoo with her acquaintances. Jenny used to wear her hat and began working as an assistant.

Jenny was greatly encouraged by her interaction with the animals there. It was because the animals gave themselves without prejudice, unlike humans. Jenny 's character, which was dark when she was working as a keeper, grew brighter. A few years later, Jenny became the first zookeeper of the zoo. The zoo was indeed a resting place for Jenny.

But Jenny 's minor happiness is shattered by the empire. The Imperial Army, which occupied Europe, began its invasion of Africa this time. Jenny's zoo was also ruined by the empire's attack and many animals lost their lives.

And Jenny is dragged into the empire. After being brainwashed with Ovidian, he is subjected to various experiments. The empire sends her to the army who showed her aptitude for unit control. After training, he is appointed as a pilot of Major League attack units.

She was freed from Ovidian To protect the revenge of dead animals and the animals that are still alive. Join the goddess kiss.

Jenny lacks communication with people Because the goddess kisses were all good people The situation is getting well adjusted.

But because I lived in a lot of discrimination and prejudice Still, the habit of warning people during conversation will appear unconsciously.


Name Description Effect Icon
Triple Jab Attacks target and enemies to both left and right with Vulcan. 120% ATK Damage
Energy Blow Shot Attack Single enemy with Energy Vulcan. 270% ATK Damage
Retaliation Retaliates with Vulcan when Attacked. 300% ATK Damage
Evade Move Increase own evasion When battle begins. LUCK is increased until battle ends.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Jenny

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Countering Jenny

The Rocket Raccon can render skills useless with its ability to silence a unit and can continue to lay heavy fire.

  • Avoid lining units next to each other.  The Rocket Raccoon's Triple Jab can damage units multiple times when they're side-by-side.
  • Jenny's Energy Blow Shot can do massive damage and silence a unit.  Put vital units in a postion where they won't get hit.


Jenny Rief

Jenny Rief's original design, which has since been altered in favor of her current look.

Rocket Raccoon

Jenny's mech, the Rocket Raccoon, in its current appearance.