Iris is one of the "Four Horsemen" Pilots.

She is an Attack Pilot who uses the Blasse Reiter Mech, a Mech with a unique skill that deals damage to all foes upon her defeat, making her a good frontline Pilot.

She can be obtained through the Premium Treasure.


Has a mouth of a sailor/pirate with a naive and innocent face; has no sense of direcitons; people often get confused by her vulgar language while smiling; turns into an angelic nun when with children

Background Story

Iris is a daughter of a mafia boss In northern Italy She is to be the successor of her father, so she has been mastering shooting, driving and management skills.

However young Iris is into singing more than learning those skills. She would secretly listen to music and practice singing after her mafia management classes.

She loves Sundays as she can go to Catholic church and sing all she wants.

As Iris does not wish to inherit her father's organization, she decides to flee from home, arriving at a small cathedral orphnage in the northeaster part of Italy to become a nun. Her father realizes her escape early on and sends his men to protect her.

Two years later, the Empire emerges with the outbreak of the war, and the Empire Army starts kidnapping the orphans for their chemical experiment.

Enraged, Iris starts rescuing her friends with the help of her fathers' men who have been protecting her.

Everything seems to be back to normal, yet the people in the cathedral does not let Iris in again as they have learned of her identity as a mafia boss's daughter.

After the excommunication, Iris wanders around. She does not want to return home, thinking that it would mean losing her identity.

Her wandering does not last long. The Empire Army visits her to recapture the orphans. Iris without her will power has no power to resist, and the Empire kidnaps and brainwashes her with Obedience.

Afterwards as the "Nun of Death," she is feared by the soldiers of R.E.A.P, her outfit signifying the Grim Reaper.

Then rescued by the civilian organization Re.Society, Iris is freed from the Obedience.

Furious by her past role in the Empire, Iris joins Re.Society to repent her past and promises to fight against the Empire. 

" Let us pray. Regardless of the fact that the cook, not God, made this food. "

Tactics (Arena)

Using Iris

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Countering Iris

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Iris (SW)