"This sword is family heirloom."
Enomoto Tsubasa is the pilot of the Vegabon. Her medals can be bought in the Arena shop, both 1v1 and 3v3.


Polite (but don’t get her mad!); sophisticated, elegant

Background Story

Tsubasa is the successor of the “Enomoto Swordsmanship” in Japan. She has already become legendary by dominating the Japan Sword Fighting Championship 12 times in a row, winning the title, “the master swords-woman.”

Moreover, excelling in flower arrangement, tea ceremony and shamisen performance, Tsubasa becomes one of the celebrities to represent the local district. However, she faces one critical issue: no one would be man enough ask her out, as she seems like a flawless perfection!

Right after her high school graduation, Tsubasa quits everything that has brought her fame, in desire to live an ordinary life. However, the rise of the Empire leads her to enter the Officer Candidate School in R.E.A.P. Her beneficent temperament would not permit her to neglect the world in pain. Unsurprisingly, Tsubasa displays exceptional talents among her classmates.

On a practice dispatch, Tsubasa and her colleagues encounters the Empire army. They are overwhelmed by the number and put on the verge of being annihilated. Fortunately, reinforcements from Korea arrive just on time and save them. Tsubasa immediately falls in love with one of the members in the backup force.

Tsubasa enlists in GODDESS KISS in hope of meeting her love again. Finally, after few years, her love is commissioned as the commander of GODDESS KISS! Tsubasa tries hard to win the Commander’s heart. Having a noble background, Tsubasa politely assists the Commander, as she wishes to serve him as her husband in the future. In contrast, she is very strict with all squad members, considering them as her competitors. 

"I shall be your sword, Commander!"                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Name Description Effect Icon
Cherry Blossom Slice Attack single enemy with Sword Energy. 100% ATK Damage.

+0-8330 Bonus Damage.

Enomoto Tsubasa - Cherry Blossom Slice
Falling Petals Slice All Enemy Units with Sword. 270% ATK Damage.

+0-6664 Bonus Damage.

Enomoto Tsubasa - Falling Petals
Honing Increase own ATK when battle begins. ATK is increased until battle ends.

+1.00-148.44% ATK Bonus.

Enomoto Tsubasa - Honing
Retaliation Retaliates with Sword Energy when attacked. 170% ATK Damage.

+0-8366 Bonus Damage.

Enomoto Tsubasa - Retaliation

*Specific damage numbers may change.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Tsubasa

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Countering Tsubasa

The Vegabon is a powerful unit that slashes its foes with its sword.

  • The Vegabon can slice up units attack units easily thanks to her Honing skil.  Boost your units' defense to prevent it from happening.
  • Falling Petals usually ends a match quickly unless your team has an evade buff or it has a buffed defense stat.
  • Be prepared to have a healing unit in the field.  The amount of damage that the Vegabon produces is nearly enough to cut an attack unit to shreds within a turn.