Claire Frost is a recruitable Attack Type Pilot who uses the Avenger Mech, a Mech designed to nullify the Defenses of enemy Units.


Takes high pride in herself; hates losing; persistent; enjoys having a cup of tea while playing chess; shows perfection in many aspects but lacks the ability to deal with emergency during which she often makes mistake and is frustrated.

Background Story

Claire is an elite graduate from the Military Academy. As a cadet Claire was outstanding compared her friends. She would be the best in tactics, command, controlling battle suit, etc.

However she was dissatisfied with the fact that there had been a "first" legend prior to her enlistment named Jung E-han.

He too had excelled in all fields and joined the military headquarters. There was no cadet in the academy that has not heard of his fame.

Because of E-han, Claire was often called the "second E-han," as which she hated being called.

After a while the Empire declares war against the world.

Going against everyone's expectations, the Empire with advanced technology and reinforcement by Obedience soon takes the upper hand.

The military command reinforcement to the military academy by graduating talented cadets. Claire is certainly among them and is transferred to the military headquarters.

Claire us filled with anticipation. She will finally meet the "first" legend find out how he is like.

However by cosmic irony E-han is dispatched to some other place as soon as Claire joins the headquarters. She tries to dig into his whereabouts, but no trace is left behind and all information is classified.

After succession of defeats to the Empire, the headquarters that Claire belongs to is reorganized under the Allied Forces. On the day of the reorganization, Claire hears something from a conversation between soldiers.

They are talking about E-han, the name that she has not been thinking of for years. Claire hurries off to the Allied Forces Headquarters to meet him for the first time.


Avenger Skills
Name Description Effect Icon
AP Bullet Fire Shoots an AP bullet to a single enemy. 100% ATK Damage.

+0-8820 Bonus Damage.

Claire Frost - AP Bullet Fire
Shield buster Attacks all enemies with a built-in cannon in the shield. 200% ATK Damage and 30% Chance to Delete the Enemy Damage-Absorbing Shield Buff.

+0-13230 Bonus Damage.

Claire Frost - Shield buster
Retaliation Retaliates when attacked. 250% ATK Damage and 100% Chance to Delete 1 Defense Buff.

+0-8827 Bonus Damage.

Claire Frost - Retaliation
Biased Armed Increase own ATK and LUCK when battle begins. ATK is increased, and LUCK is increased 40%.

+1.00-149.63% ATK bonus.

Claire Frost - Biased Armed

*Specific damage numbers may change.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Claire

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Countering Claire

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