Charlotte Binoche is the Recruitable Boss of the Lantou Area.

She is a Support Pilot, and uses the Raphael V2 Mech.


Hard working; takes care of people around her; people consider her either as a mom or nosy; thick-skinned as she does not care about her reputation

Background Story

Majoring in clothes design, Charoltte is like a celebrity at her college. Although her personality takes a part in it, she is well known for her ability to instantly make clothes after imagining their designs, though not so pretty often times. She is expected to become a famous next generation designer with her talents for quicking knitting a piece of clothing, though there is much room for improvement.

One day the Empire launches a sudden attack on France, and Charlotte is captured to be one of the testing samples for Obedience. She acquires amazing power from the new type of Obedience and becomes a new soldier of the Empire.

Soon Charlotte becomes notorious among the R.E.A.P soldiers, as her presence on the battlefield means that the Empires units are immune to damages and gain more power to become like a zombie, turn the battlefield into a chaos.

For this reason, the soldiers rejoice over the news about Charlotte being released from the Obedience Afterwards, Charlotte joins Goddess Kiss, and although quite a time has passed under the influence of Obedience, she stills remembers and excels in sewing. The members' perpetual requests to make or fix clothes make Charlotte busy to the point that she cannot focus on her work.

Rumor has it that Charoltte is personally knitting some clothing for the Commander, but no one knows if the output would be acceptable to display in public.

" Commander, what's with your messy clothes? "


Raphael Skills
Name Description Effect Icon
Raphael Attack Mode 3 units assemble together and attack single target. 100% ATK Damage.

Reduce target LUCK by 15%.

+0-6076 Bonus Damage.

Charlotte Binoche - Raphael Attack Mode
Angelic Blessing Heals and restores all ally units from ATK / DEF debuff effect. Heals all ally units 120% ATK Damage.

Deletes 1 ATK / DEF debuff in effect.

+0-3038 Heal Bonus.

Charlotte Binoche - Angelic Blessing
Angelic Guidance Increase all ally unit's Skill Gauge and ATK when battle begins. Ally unit's Skill Gauge is increased.

Ally unit's ATK is increased by +30% (1 Turns).

+1000-3037 Skill Gauge Increased.

Charlotte Binoche - Angelic Guidance
Angelic Grace Creates damage absorbing shield to all ally units when HP is below 30%. Creates damage absorbing shield.

+204-18360 Bonus Damage Absorbed.

Charlotte Binoche - Angelic Grace

*Specific damage numbers may change.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Charlotte

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Countering Charlotte

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Char Gif
Char (DB) Gif

Raphael V2, Charlotte's Mech of choice.