Carolina Morrie is the Pilot of the Shinobi Mech. She is obtainable through the Cruise Shop in-game.


Straightforward; was boyish, but has been trying hard to be a lady lately

Background Story

Carolina's father Alberto Morrie is an eminent master of martial arts who has combined three traditional martial arts to create "Morrie Ninja" martial arts. (He has chosen to change his last name to Morrie after marrying his Japnese wife and moving into her house.)

Carolina's mother died shortly after giving birth to Carolina, and Carolina inevitably has been spending much time at her father's gymn watching martial arts performances. At her age of 5, Carolina out of curiosity immitate Morrie Ninja and surprises everyone at the gymm with her perfection in doing so.

Alberto then decides to raise her to be his successor and starts training her. Carolina's martial arts skills make rapid progress everyday. By the time she turns 12, no one at the gymn except her father can win her in sparring.

One day,

shocked by the remark made by her secret crush that she is like a bro to him, Carolina quits her training in martial arts. Alberto tries to persuade her into not quitting, but Carolina is stubborn about her decision.

After few months, the world war erupts, and Carolina and her family follow Alberto who was recruited as the martial arts instructor. of R.E.A.P special forces. At R.E.A.P Carolina encounters one of the special forces Goddess Kiss.

Seeing that the squad consists of beautiful yet powerful girls, Carolina is bewitched by them and determines to enlist in Goddess Kiss.

As the special force Goddess Kiss is known for its performances in achieving dangerous missions, Alberto strongly disapproves of her idea. Carolina persuades her father reminding of her father's motto, "Protect the justice." Alberto finally approves her plan provided that she continues training with him.

After graduating from the military academy, she is officially commissioned as a member of Goddess Kiss. She is now a pilot of Shinobi where her specialty in martial arts is valued.

As a lover of romantic comic books, Carolina dreams of romantic love. She has been trying to act like a lady for years, but people still see her as boyish.

" I know that you think I'm cute. "


Name Description Effect Icon
Explosive Shuriken Attacks Highest ATK enemy with Explosive Shuriken 100% ATK Damage, Reduce Eemy DEF -20% (2 Turns)
Explosive Shuriken
Shadow Step Approaches target with shadow cloning and attacks target with the highest ATK. 400% ATK Damage. 50% Chance to Stun Target (2 Turns). 100% Chance to Steal 1 of target’s ATK increase Buff (5 Turns)
Shadow Step CM
Moon Dance Increases own evade when battle begins. Increase LUCK until battle ends. Increase ATK +50% until battle ends. 30% Compulsory Evasion until battle ends. (Not applicable against Determinative Hit)
Moon Dance
Shuriken Typhoon Scatter Explosive Shuriken from above enemy targets and lower their ATK. 140% ATK Damage. Enemy ATK is decreased -40% (3 Turns)
Shuriken Typhoon

Tactics (Arena)

Using Carolina

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Countering Carolina

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