Has very high self-esteem; dislikes being treated like a child; due to her early enlistment, full of military spirit (former member of special forces); acts her age when around the Commander or close friends

Background Story

Being the only daughter of the director of Union Britain Special Force William Ross, Bennett is attached to the military life and playing with guns rather than dolls since her childhood. It comes naturally that she would become servicewoman, and her father enthusiastically supports her dream as well.

Thanks to his support and personal connections, Bennett undergoes formidable drills that even the most well shaped men can barely endure.

To everyone's amazement, Bennet actually withstands the arduous training course with her gifted physically capability inherited from her father and eases the worries toward her.

After three years since the beginning of the training, Bennett completes the course with comparably higher grades than her fellow male comrades. However, the special forces that she joins is dismantled after the Empire's invasion on the UK.

The remaining soldiers decide to join different units in R.E.A.P which is the largest resistant force.

Bennet wishes to follow her former comrades or her father, but joins the special force Goddess Kiss, as the R.E.A.P executives acknowledge her talents for mechanic unit control.

Bennett is getting allong well with Ariel Rossi who seems the closest to being a real soldier. 

" Bennett Ross! Ready to be dispatched!! Charge toward the enemy camp!! " 


Crimson Taurus Skills
Name Description Effect Icon
Violent Shot Attacks Single Enemy with Shot Gun. 100% ATK Damage.

Lower target ATK by 10% (1 Turns).

+0-4704 Bonus Damage.

Bennett Ross - Violent Shot
Rampage Rush Extends Blade to attack target and enemies behind. 300% ATK Damage.

100% Chance to Stun Enemy (1 Turns).

+0-7056 Bonus Damage.

Bennett Ross - Rampage Rush
Counter Bomb Attacks target and enemies to both left and right with Bombs when being attacked. 250% ATK Damage.

+0-4753 Bonus Damage.

Bennett Ross - Counter Bomb
Iron Will Increase own ATK and DEF when HP is below 50%. Increase own ATK +30% until battle ends.

Increase own DEF until battle ends.

+1.00-179.00% Bonus DEF.

Bennett Ross - Iron Will

*Specific damage numbers may change.


Using Bennett

Like almost Def unit, Bennet possess a good endurance.

Bennet is meant to take as much punishment as possible while countering enemy with her counter bomb then stunning them. Even though her damage output is somewhat small, her special gauge will be filled very fast. thus she could spam her rampage rush quite often. A very good choice to counter healer or backline heavy hitter by stunning them. pairing her with healer is very beneficial for her as she can be more sturdy and hit harder after iron will activated while recovering back her lost HP.

Her preferred placement is off course the slot that will be attacked most. place her in front of enemy formation that form a row.

Countering Bennett

As mentioned above Bennett damage output is somewhat small before iron will activated. Reilly on violent shot alone wont be doing much.Thus the best counter is to slow her special gauge fill by placing only single unit in front of her. Due to the range of her rampage rush, at best only 1 unit will be stunned. This problem can be solved by placing dps behind her to kill her opponent fast enough so she can lock on other target that most likely forming a row.


Bennet Ross (DB) Gif
Bennet Ross Gif
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