"I don't have any special talent. So I have no choice but to do my best in all things."
Ariel Rossi is the pilot of the Red Lion. Her medals can be collected after completing an achievement. The amount of medals varies from each achievement.


Serious, hardworking; full of military spirit in her action and words; nevertheless, tenderhearted

Background Story

Spending her childhood in a slum of Italy, Ariel’s life has been far below standard. Poverty has turned her into a professional thief, with a nickname “the Wind of Rome.”

One day a group of men in black suits seize her. The boss of the group introduces himself as Henry and suggests that he would look after her. Henry confesses that her mother was his first love, and Ariel decides to follow him.

Henry takes her in as his own daughter, and Ariel looks up to him as her father. In the meantime, Kein and his Empire starts the world war. Being a talented weapon developer, Henry enrolls in the Weapons Engineering & Development in R.E.A.P as an adviser. Ariel also enlists in GODDESS KISS, so she could return to her happy life with her godfather as soon as possible.

Ariel—with Jung E-young—assists the head commander with situation report and operation proposal. As her childhood was a chaos, Ariel loves the orderliness of the military. She enjoys using formal military vocabulary, although she mistakenly speaks in girlish cheerful tone once in a while.

"I’m ready for some action. Whenever you are ready, Commander!”


Name Description Effect Icon
Concentrated Firing Attacks single enemy with Mini Gun. 100% ATK Damage.

+0-5095 Bonus Damage.

Ariel Rossi - Concentrated Firing Icon
Raging Lion Attacks target and enemies both left and right with Grenade Launcher. 190% ATK Damage.

+0-7350 Bonus Damage.

Ariel Rossi - Raging Lion Icon
Retaliation Retaliates with Mini Gun when attacked. 250% ATK Damage.

+0-5141 Bonus Damage.

Ariel Rossi - Retaliation Icon
Bind of Courage Increase All Ally Unit's ATK when battle begins.

ATK is increased. (5 Turns)

+1.00-77.54% ATK Bonus.

Ariel Rossi - Bind of Courage Icon

*Specific damage numbers may change.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Ariel

  • The Red Lion's skill gauge fills up easily and its Retaliation skill helps even more. Place her in front of an enemy units which has one full column in order for them to take damage from the skill, Raging Lion.

Countering Ariel

The Red Lion is a strong unit that can not only cause massive damage but it can also boost the team's attack power. 

  • The Red Lion is usually paired up with the Justice (Jung E-young).  When both are seen in the same team, it will indicate that you will need either an attack buff or a defense buff.
  • Avoid having units side-by-side, especially near the start of the match.  The Red Lion's Raging Lion skill can wipe out 3 units if you're careless.
  • Have a healer to recover damage taken from the Red Lion's Retaliation.


Christmas outfit

Xmas Ariel Gif
  • bonus:

Battle Suit

Battle Suit Ariel Gif
  • bonus: