"Could you be an exercise partner of kiss scene?"

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I am usually a timid person with a lot of fear and shame, When acting or performing It changes positively as if it became another person.

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Nell began studying acting with his parents to fix his passive character. One day, due to the injury of fellow actors It happens to be popular in a drama starring as a chance.

The talent for acting then explodes. In various films and dramas, He will be reborn as a representative of Egypt. She also has great talent for singing All of the records on the list are on the top of the charts It gets huge popularity as a singer.

But I did not fix the passive personality I wanted to fix. When acting or singing, as if you were someone else It is active, but when work is over, it came back to original appearance. It was Nela who stepped down the street as a celebrity. The whirlwind of war was inevitable.

The empire occupied Egypt She was shocked to see that her country was being trampled by the Imperial Army. Soon after, the Empire ordered Nella to obey her as a propaganda tool. She makes a decision and sneaks out of her country.

And he enters the 'Red Liberation Front' where he guerrilla warfare against the empire while hiding his identity. Here, Nell thoroughly defeated the Red Liberation Front crew. Her mind control was amazing. Only two years after she became a member, she became the leader of the Liberation Front.

One day I struggled with the empire. He got trapped and became addicted to the video. After liberation, she will join the goddess kiss.

Since coming to R.E.A.P He made his debut as an idol again with his talents. He also plays music and plays in dramas and movies. When there is no operation, they perform concert performances on each base.

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Название Описание Эффект Иконка
Колючая бомбардировка Атакует ракетами врага, а также мехов справа и слева от него. 70% от базового урона.
Прицельная бомбардировка Точно целится и атакует колючей ракетой врага, а также мехов справа и слева от него. 190% от базового урона.
Колючий удар атакует колючей ракетой 1 врага. 200% от базового урона. 20% шанс оглушить врага (на 2 хода).
Острые шипы атакует ракетой 1 врага в начале сражения. 400% от базового урона. Снижает АТК врага (на 2 хода).

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Nella Badreya