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Sincere, diligent and serious about everything. The tone is also very polite soldier tone, It is only appearance, Her inner side is a girl who is still a girl.

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Ariel, who was born in a slum in Italy, I lost my childhood parents and spent a very unhappy childhood. Because of poverty, I have not been able to settle in one place,  To live, there was no such thing as pickpocketing, empty house hair, etc.

Ariel was called "the wind of Rome" and was one of the police officers' She was caught by a crowd in a suit, not a police officer. A middle-aged man who looks like a boss of his flock has his name Henry  He said he would take care of himself as Ariel's godfather. It was Ariel who rebelled at first for his kindness, After hearing that Henry was his first love, he decided to follow him. Because Henry had no wife, he treated Ariel like his own daughter. Ariel also followed Henry like his father. For the first time Ariel was born and felt the feeling of 'happiness'.

But the happiness did not last long. Cain declared empire and caused war. Originally a global weapons researcher, Henry Take Ariel to Reef headquarters. And a while later, Henry recognized his abilities.  He takes over as a weapons development advisor at Leaf.

Ariel to end the war and return to a happy day After thinking about what you can do Despite Henry's opposition, he joins the goddess kiss.

After joining the goddess kiss, He will be in charge of the battlefield situation report and operation assistant. Because I lived in a disorderly environment such as pickpocket life I like the army life with order very much. I always use a military tone In fact, if you put your mind at ease sometimes by doing a crowd, it becomes the original girl voice.

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Название Описание Эффект Иконка
Фокусный огонь Атакует пулемётной очередью 1 врага. 100% от базового урона.
Бешеный лев Атакует гранатой врага, а также мехов справа и слева от него. 190% от базового урона.
Возмездие Отвечает на атаку врага пулемётной очередью. 250% от базового урона.
Отвага Увеличивает АТК всем союзным мехам в начале сражения. Увеличивает АТК (на 3 хода).

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Ariel Rossi